Enjoy your Wedding Day!

Ten Tips to Enjoy Your Wedding Day!

  1. Take in Each Moment:
    Make sure to take in moments with your husband, parents and yourself. Remember your energy makes the day. Soak it all in, relax, sit back and enjoy your accomplishments. A ballroom reveal prior to the guests entering the ballroom to see your vision come to life.
  2. Hire Professionals:
    You will be developing a relationship with the professionals you’re hiring! Make sure you like them! Hire a great photographer and one that matches your personality and style (don’t just hire who your best friend hired). Hire a fantastic hair & makeup team. Remember when you look good you feel good! Purchase your day of lipstick so you can have it for touch ups throughout the evening.
  3. Wear Comfortable Shoes:
    Break in your shoes before the big day! Bring a comfy back up pair or get a pair of fabulous flats.
  4. Eat:
    Get a good night sleep the week leading up to your day. Eat a great breakfast and pack your favorite snacks. Set up a mimosa or mocktail bar in the salon as you’re getting ready!
  5. Spend Time with Your Spouse:
    Take a few minutes of alone time after the ceremony with your spouse to take it all in. Let everyone know about your plan in advance so they will give you that space to enjoy this moment! Have this set up in advance with your photographer so they don’t try to pull you out during that special time. Have food and your favorite drinks set up for you during that alone period so that you can both eat prior to joining into the cocktail hour.
  6. Say Thank you:
    Say thank you to your parents, and family members who have helped you get to this monumental moment! Write them a thoughtful card, send them flowers or a nice bottle of champagne to celebrate and thank them!
  7. Have All the Nitty Gritty Done:
    Have all the nitty gritty done in advance so you can be a guest at your wedding. All final payments out of the way, all gratuities and thank you notes written out and in sealed envelopes ready to go in advance so you can fully enjoy your day!
  8. Hustle & Bustle:
    Make sure to take your best friend to the final fitting. That way she or he is a pro at bustling your wedding gown so you can enjoy your cocktail hour and alone time with your spouse.
  9. Unplug:
    Leave your phone in your purse, or better yet in your room. Everyone you love is with you so you don’t need your phone!
  10. Timeline, timeline timeline:
    Put a timeline together for the day and share it with your family and bridal party. That way everyone knows where to be and when & no one has to ask you any questions.

Bottom Line:
Don’t plan too much for the week of the wedding. Keep your week simple because things will pop up & you will be ready. Delegate: when your friends ask if they can help, say yes and assign them tasks! Prepare a list of cell phone numbers of your hired professionals on hand. Surround yourself with joy and positivity. And remember the reason you’re here and the meaning of the day. Take it all in and enjoy! 🙂

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