Picking the Perfect Dress for your Bridesmaids

It’s your day and you are guaranteed to look fabulous, but what about those standing by your side while you say “I Do?” I’m sure that your Bridesmaids will agree to wear whatever you decide, but don’t you want them to look good and feel confident while they support you in this next step of life? Here are a few things to consider while dress shopping for them…

  1. The Season and Climate
    You don’t want your girls wearing heavy, long gowns in the middle of Summer, especially if your Wedding is outdoors- this could cause overheating and runny makeup from sweating. If you plan to take photos outside during the Winter months, maybe consider a dress that would look good with a shawl or special coat, this could also double as your gift to them.
  2. Height of the Gals
    Be sure to think about what they will look like wearing the same dress lined up next to one another. If your girls are all different heights it is recommended to lean toward a shorter style. Dresses that are long enough for your tallest girl, could swallow up the shortest one. Choosing a short style will also benefit some from needing multiple alterations!
  3. The Formality of the Event
    People think that if an event is formal they need to wear a long gown, but that is not always the case. Short dresses can absolutely be formal as well, you just need to consider all colors, materials and, of course, dress it up with the right jewelry and shoes!
  4. Keep up with new trends
    Choose a color and let them pick the rest! It is more common nowadays to see mix-matched styles and lengths coming down the aisle! There is no rule stating that everyone must match, so if this is not something that is important to you- let them choose the dress they feel comfortable in. This can vary from lengths, neckline and even colors!
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