Tis the “Engagement” Season – Groom to be 101

If you’ve watched any type television this time of year, then you are probably aware that “Engagement Season” is upon us. The Holidays bring family and friends together to celebrate so many joyous occasions and in most families- engagements are one of them. Although this “Season” tends to run Thanksgiving through Valentine’s day, last year alone, 33% of engagements took place on Christmas Eve. If you are considering jumping on the bandwagon, here are a few basic tips to follow in the process.

Do your research: As you can imagine, there are thousands and thousands of different styles, cuts, and color rings out there. Be sure to have a general idea of your Bride to Be’s style. Ask her parents or best friends, most females these days have a Pinterest Board devoted strictly to “One Day…” Do some digging around, but secretly, so that you’re sure not to ruin the surprise!

Get Started Early: During the Holidays prices are constantly jumping, good deals get snatched up quickly and inventory will dwindle down as the days pass. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to not only find the right ring, and deal, but also some time for ordering and processing if you need a custom size.

Personalize your Engagement and make it memorable: Every girl at some time in their life has dreamt of the day they will get engaged. We know this moment is guaranteed to make her smile, maybe even cry some tears of joy, but be sure to add something special that will make it a memory she’ll want to tell your kids one day. Choose a location special to the two of you or incorporate an item that is important to her or your relationship.

The Moment: Lastly, remember to take a deep breath (or three) and speak slowly so that she can take in every word of what you’re saying. Don’t confuse shock and surprise- she may not say yes immediately, but once she realizes what is happening , the yes will come out over and over! After all- something, somewhere along the line led you to this moment and before you know it you’ll be starting your next chapter as Husband and Wife.

Eat, Drink and Be Merri!

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