Tips for a Summer Wedding

With Summer finally HEATING UP we are here to give you some tips to ensure everyone is happy at your summer wedding!

Make Sure Your Guests Are Comfortable

If you choose to have your wedding ceremony outside, it is always helpful to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature may throw at you. To keep guests cool, make sure light refreshments are provided to keep them hydrated and why not provide a fan? You can even make your ceremony programs into fans – dual purpose!

Make Sure You & Your Bridal Party Are Comfortable

Take into consideration that you and your bridal party will be very busy during your big day. Moving around, taking pictures and such. You want to make sure everyone is in a breathable fabric so they can stay as cool as possible. Also packing some extra shirts for the guys and some spray deodorant will also come in handy!

Don’t forget a well-stocked bathroom basket!

Chances are if you are outside and dancing up a storm, your guests may get a little sweaty. Providing a well-stocked bathroom basket will ensure that everyone has a way to freshen up. Great items to include are blotters, deodorants, sunscreen, bug spray, mints, hair pins and ties and hairspray.

Schedule your photos accordingly!

While taking pictures in the middle of the day may seem idea on your timeline, you cannot forget that it will be the hottest in the mid-day sun. Coordinate with your photographer to take photos a bit later in the day, so everyone can stay as cool as possible. And if possible, schedule your first look and couple pictures prior to the ceremony so you have ample time to relax in between shots. Most photographers will also agree it is best to take your pictures in indirect sunlight or shade – which will help keep you looking and feeling your best.

Choose a cake that can withstand the heat!

Most cakes will hold up in the summer heat as long as not displayed in direct sunlight, however there are some elements that can ensure you cake staying looking and tasting its very best. If you want to display your cake during the reception, you should avoid any icings or fillings that require refrigeration, such as fresh fruit filling, whipped cream or cream cheese icing.

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