Take It All In

“Take it all in” I’m sure you’ve heard this piece of advice over and over again. Whether it’s from your family, friends who have recently wed, or your wedding professionals- this is a very common bit of guidance but the reason why you hear this so frequently is because it really is good advice. But how does one “take it all in?” Here are some tips:

  • Check in with yourself throughout the day- perhaps after big milestones such as getting ready in the morning with your girlfriends, stepping into your dress, seeing your partner for the first time, your first dance, when you get to enjoy the delicious menu that you have so thoughtfully created – or the smaller moments like when you have to enlist all of your bridesmaids to help you use the restroom or playing card games at your after party. It doesn’t take a lot of extra effort- just a conscious and thoughtful few seconds to acknowledge what just happened and how you feel in the moment. Maybe you will remember some of the smells or sounds or tastes you are experiencing as well which will add to the beautiful picture you will paint in your mind of this momentous day.
  • Speaking of olfactory memories- picking a signature wedding day scent will one, make you feel extra special and feminine on your big day but it will also help you to remember the moments of your day. Every time you smell that perfume you will be transported back to those memories and it will help you to relive it over and over again.
  • Hiring an incredible photographer to capture your dream day! This may seem like a given but make sure you love both their style and you really enjoy their company as you will be spending most of your day with them! Also, enlisting your friends to capture those candid moments on their phones throughout the day will help you reflect on your wedding years down the road. And then print out your photos. Hang them around your home, make albums and copies – these memories will one day become heirlooms. Generations to come can imagine what it was like to be there on that day and share in your great love story.
  • Just be. Allow the stress of planning, seating arrangements, and the pressure to please everyone melt away and enjoy. Walk through your day with ease and joy and allow any small bumps in the road to just fall past you. This day is about you and your partner and celebrating the commitment you have made to each other with your favorite people all in one place! Be in the moment, embrace each step with gratitude and joy and take it all in.
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