We care about your privacy

Merri-Makers cares about the privacy and confidentiality of your personal information. We collect, use and share your personal information to support the services that we offer to you. We don’t sell your personal information, and we don’t share it with others unless you tell us to or the law says we can.

Information we collect from you
When you interact with us—whether on our website, on our social media channels, at events our team organizes or sponsors—we may collect certain personal information about you. For example:

  • When you visit our website or social media channels, we may collect information such as your computer IP address, your device identifier, your location, and what pages you view or visit.
  • When you visit our locations or attend events that we sponsor or organize, we may collect contact information such as your email address, your phone number or your physical address.

How we use your information
We use your personal information to support products and services that you use or that we offer to you. For example, if you have accounts with us:

  • We may use your contact information to market our products and services to you.

When and why we share your information
We may disclose certain personal information to our service providers and other trusted business partners to support our products and services as permitted by law. We may also disclose your personal information to others upon your request. For example, we may disclose certain personal information to third parties to:

  • Perform services, such as marketing or market research, on our behalf.
  • Cooperate with government agencies or regulators, (including for tax purposes), securities exchanges, self-regulatory bodies (such as FINRA and NFA) and law enforcement officials.

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