After looking at 10+ venues all around NJ & NY, not a single one came close in comparison to the Ashford Estate. Yes, this was the most expensive venue we were considering – but every dollar more we paid to have our wedding here was worth it 100x over.

The moment you drive through the wrought iron gates at the base of the driveway, you are no longer in NJ – you have been transported to the European countryside. The property is massive and immaculate. There isn’t a single part of the entire property that you think to yourself “ehhh” – truly every corner is magical. And it just keeps on going! The main estate is beyond what words can capture; it’s unreal. We had our parents and wedding party stay there the night of the wedding and it was freaking awesome. Every one of our guests couldn’t get over how spectacular it was and said they’d never been to a place like that before (nor knew a place like that even existed in NJ…).

The staff at the Ashford is elite. Laura McCann is truly phenomenal. She was amazing to my husband & I in the very beginning as we finalized our date and throughout the entire planning process. She is a professional to the very end and also just a super lovely person. She made everything as easy and stress-free as it could have possibly been – from guiding us through the decision-making process for our reception to coordinating with our vendors on our behalf to making sure everything was falling into place the day of the wedding. I am beyond grateful for Laura. Her co-hort, Debbie, is also great – very responsive, pleasant, and helpful always.

Merri-Makers, the exclusive caterer of the Ashford, was fantastic. Their food is off-the-charts good. I didn’t try a single thing at the chef’s tasting or at our wedding that was mediocre – everything was superb. Ridiculously fresh seafood, thoughtfully curated cocktail hour stations, and top notch entrees. The wait staff service was outstanding throughout the evening – it felt like we were at a gala or some super high-end event.

I can’t rave enough about the Ashford Estate. You will be working with the best of the best if you get married here. And speaking from experience, if you are on the fence with choosing the Ashford as your venue because of the price – know that it is so exquisite that you don’t have to spend a single dollar on decor (other than your flowers, which don’t have to be crazy) to make this place special – it does that all on its own. No doubt it is a financial commitment (especially if you’re paying for it on your own, like my husband & I did), but I promise it is worth every single dollar.

One other suggestion I would like to pay forward to future Ashford brides & grooms is to use the estate’s preferred vendors. They are the “A Team” and will execute the wedding of your dreams flawlessly without bothering you whatsoever leading up to and on your wedding day, which is invaluable if you ask me.

Hello Laura,

THANK YOU and your team for an incredible fairytale day!!!

Meghan, the bridal attendants, and yourself are one amazing dream team.

You all worked together so flawlessly that you would never know it was raining, or that the barn was the back up plan.

The bridal attendants went above and beyond to help make sure I was OK and carry my train along with me to get the photos, even with the rain!

Everyone was so kind, attentive, and just beyond!

Also it was incredible how the entire staff made the transitions between buildings for wedding guests so seamless.

We have been receiving so much incredible praise on the wedding, the venue, and the staff.  I truly cannot thank you all enough!

I will forever be singing the Ashford Estate praises.  I will be sure to write reviews on the wedding websites as well.

Thank you so very much!!




We cannot say enough great things about experience with Merrie-Makers at Mallard Island!

We celebrated our wedding day on 11/18/22 and it was absolute perfection. Gianna worked with us from start to finish and made everything so easy for us- we didn’t have to worry about a thing! She was such a huge help throughout the entire process.

The food, service, accommodations, were all A+++. I can’t think of one thing we would’ve done differently… our guests were over the moon happy and full of compliments as were we.

I wouldn’t look anywhere else!

It was incredible and definitely a day to remember.

Staff – Chris and I both felt the staff were very professional, helpful, patient and attentive. I have never been served like that before in my life! I am very thankful for all their help the day of the wedding. Shoutout to Brooke for holding our drinks, phone, and everything else we carried around, moving my shoes to the other room so they weren’t lost, making sure our food was boxed up and everything else that she helped with that day.

Food – The food was AMAZING. To tie this back with how great the staff was, Chris and I did not get a lot of time to eat dinner and were so sad we could not enjoy our delicious meals more. It was such a great surprise to have had our meals boxed up and sent home with us the next day! Truly the best surprise the next morning.

My overall experience was truly incredible. Between the exceptional staff, the most delicious food, and an absolutely beautiful venue it was the most memorable day of my life. I appreciated that all the rooms were very clean in addition to how nice they were!

I am incredibly thankful to everyone who helped make it possible!



The day was perfect! Surely a wonderful memory for the bride and groom.

The food was delicious, the servers were accommodating and pleasant. Ellie was a big help as she made sure we ate and had drinks which time was hard to find to do those things!

Overall it was a great experience! The 70 degree weather in November also helped make it a perfect day!! We were very grateful Mary let us use the Keurig coffee machine in the morning as one less thing to remember on Sunday morning.

We have another daughter who I hope when she is ready to get married will want to have her wedding at Bonnet Island Estate!

Kathy E.

Thank you so much! And OMG we had the most perfect night. Everyone went above and beyond our expectations!!!

Gianna was absolutely amazing from the beginning. We truly couldn’t thank her enough. The staff and everyone throughout the night were so attentive and thoughtful. I always had a drink in my hand and everyone made sure we ate and enjoyed ourselves!

I think our favorite part was in between the ceremony and reception when the staff set up a full table of the cocktail hour food for us!!! I could go on and on.

That was the most memorable night for us. We are SO happy we chose Merri-Makers!!!

The food was beyond and all of our guests commented how amazing the food and service was. Thank you!!!!

Happy Holidays 🙂


We were so thrilled with EVERYTHING at our daughter’s wedding!! Our guests were saying and are still saying that it was THE BEST WEDDING and THE BEST FOOD they have ever had at a wedding!! The service was IMPECCABLE! The Maitre ‘Ds were AWESOME! ALL the food was EXCEPTIONALLY DELICIOUS!!!

Laura was ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL throughout the entire process of planning and implementing all the wedding details! The rooms were more than luxurious and comfortable!!! WE ARE TRULY VERY HAPPY HAVING HAD OUR DAUGHTER’S WEDDING AT THE ASHFORD ESTATE AND MERRI-MAKERS!!

Our only tiny blip which was not noticeable to anyone except us, was that we thought there was going to be a separate Martini bar aside from the regular bar. We asked the Maitre’D during the last half hour of the reception and he said it was incorporated in the regular bar. It would have been great to have signage saying that when the reception started so our guests and us knew where to get the Martinis we paid extra to have. Otherwise, EVERYTHING WAS FANTASTIC!

Thank you ALL again, We have such wonderful memories of a wonderful wedding weekend!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas season!

Mark and Janeen C.


Gianna was absolutely amazing from the start!!!

We loved every moment of our special day. T

he staff were so attentive and thoughtful. They went above and beyond our expectations!!! Always had a drink in our hand thanks to the staff and full bellies!!! Food is unmatched!!!

Our family and friends loved it too. Once you see the bridal suite, you’ll be sold!!

From the Mother of the Bride:

Laura was amazing, she answered the brides constant calls and texts day and night, especially as the wedding day approached when they were very frequent.  She had no idea when booking the Ashford Estate she was going to get that kind of help in all areas from venue to food to all the vendors.

The vendors were from the preferred vendors list and we were so happy with them as well.  The bride was told not to use the vendors from the venue but she went with them anyway and was so happy because everyone worked so well together to make the day go perfectly.

The food was amazing we got so many calls from friends and family how delicious everything was.  Even those we expected to comment, raved about how good everything was.

Lorraine was wonderful during the reception part of the day.  Very attentive and helpful.

Megan got the biggest shout out.  We absolutely loved Megan and cried when we hugged her goodbye the next day.

Everyone went above and beyond which made us so comfortable and we were was able to relax and enjoy the day.


By far the best vendor decision we made!!

The staff at Mallard Island Yacht Club went above and beyond for our big day. I was never once worried about how the day would go because someone was with me every step of the way.

Gianna was also a pleasure to work with. She communicated everything we needed to know (and more) and was extremely helpful throughout the planning process.

I have worked in this industry before so I know how much time and effort and attention to detail it takes to make an experience spectacular and they completely knocked it out of the park!

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