Dear Gianna,

First and foremost thank you so much for having my son’s wedding a huge success ! Really mean it from the bottom of my heart!

Your employees should really be commended with all hands down…..Amazing work they did throughout the whole event!!!! Again, I can’t shut my mouth enough about your crew. Wonderful job, everything was perfect and because of you everything ran smoothly.


Franca R.

The entire wedding day was pure bliss and I am so thankful for the great Merri-Makers staff that put on the wedding of my dreams!

The ceremony was exquisite, the food was mouth-watering and the party quite literally did not stop until after midnight. We got so many compliments and great comments from our guests that the servers were professional and our cocktail hour had some of the most delicious foods etc.

One family member Terry even commented about how it seemed like some of the staff in particular were so passionate about the job and were so happy to be there he even offered one of the servers Sean a job in PA because he was so fantastic and always had a smile on his face no matter what he was doing. Things like that when you hear it from a family member make it even more worthwhile because when you have a group of people trying to make your day special it shows, and I am so glad that Merri-Makers put on my dream wedding.

When it was time to walk down the aisle with our friends and loved ones beside us you can really see the beauty of it all & I would not choose another venue to have done this then at Bonnet Island. From the planning stages with our wedding coordinators to the great staff on the day of, it truly felt like the day went by so fast and I am still just reliving all the great memories with the notes and pictures taken on the day of from family. I absolutely hope I can come back and attend a wedding here as a guest in the future because it will always hold a special place in mine and my husband’s heart.

Dear Laura,

The Ashford Estate was truly the epitome of a fairytale wedding venue brought to life❤️. The magnificent grounds were beyond compare, with every aspect attended to, obviously on a regular basis. The extremely impressive estate house was beautifully decorated and comfortably appointed.

We have never attended an affair with such delicious food, so attractively presented. Guests couldn’t stop raving about it!!! The service was absolutely OUTSTANDING. It surpassed our wildest dreams. The attention that was given to assist and satisfy Jamie, Nate, Rande and me, as well as close family members, was beyond belief. The staff seemed to know what we wanted before we even had a chance to realize it!   A special thanks to you, to Megan, and to Maddy- who went the extra mile to assure our needs were taken care of.

The wedding weekend was everything we had hoped it would be and so much more, thanks to all of you.



Thank you so much for the good wishes,

We had a memorable day.

The weather was perfect.

All the staff was exceptional. Everyone was kind and helpful.

The service was outstanding.

The food was yummy.

All our guest had nothing but great comments on how wonderful everything was.

The Ashford is truly a beautiful place.

Regards, Ileana and Ed T

Hello Mary,

This is Theresa (Alis mom). First let me say that you and your staff are nothing short of FABULOUS!

I could not have asked for a more magical evening for Ali and Sam and our family. Please share my thoughts with everyone at Bonnet Island!!!

I cannot think of  one thing that I would have done differently…

Love all of you for this wonderful memory 🥰

And ALL guests have had the same to say about you and your terrific staff and beautiful venue!


Our wedding at Mallard Island Yacht Club was truly a DREAM come true.

The entire Merri-Makers team is completely unmatched. The most BEAUTIFUL venue, the most DELICIOUS food, kindest staff. You truly cannot go wrong with any of the Merri-Makers venues.

Gianna was our wedding consultant and is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. We actually had the privilege of working with Gianna 5 years before at my husband’s sister’s wedding. Gianna was working over at the Ashford and remembered us during our first virtual tour of Mallard. Made it that much more special to work with Gianna for our big day as well. She was amazing with any question, answering every email quickly and answering every call. Never made me feel like any of my questions were silly and always had me feeling reassured at the end. When it came to the actually wedding day, Gianna and Nancy made me feel totally at ease all day (and that was with weather alerts saying TORNADO warnings.. We were fine but the bride was STRESSED)

Every member of the Merri-makers team is SO professional and SO kind! My bridal assistants for the day were able to keep me calm walking to aisle. The bartenders always remembered what I was drinking. I was treated like an actual princess all day.

The FOOD.. I still have guests calling me a month later to tell me that the food was the most amazing food they’ve ever had. We sprung for the premium package and it was absolutely worth it. Cocktail hour was absolutely amazing.. but once dinner came out everyone was ready to eat again!

We are so happy with our choice to stay with the Merri-Maker family and will never run out of good things to say.

Hi Laura,

I’m sure you must hear this after every wedding  but we cannot begin to express our gratitude for everything you and your staff provided to Lauren, Keane and all of our guests.  I said to Ed that the attentiveness of the entire staff made us feel as though we were the only wedding you were ever going to host so everyone gave 200% of themselves!

Thank you again for one of the most magical days of our lives.  I hope to do it again someday!

Warmest regards,

Judi and Ed


Hi Kristi,

Thanks so much for reaching out! We can’t stop talking about that day- not only because of how fun & amazing it was, but because of how great you guys were.

The venue is obviously beautiful, but the staff & quality of everything you guys did was amazing. I’m drawing a blank on her name, but we had one specific bridal attendant who was so on top of it ( everyone was awesome, but she really stood out).

Nothing I love more than working with a group who gets it & you guys definitely do. Every guest we’ve spoken to feels the same.

Thanks for doing your part in making the day great .



Hi Laura,

Jess and I would like to express our deepest thanks for everything you did to make our special day amazing.

We truly could not have had a more incredible day.

Your hard work and dedication to us absolutely made the entire process seamless.

We really appreciate you always taking the time to answer all our silly questions and accommodating (Dennis and Jess LOL).

I can honestly say that you work with the greatest people.

Every single staff member went above and beyond to make our day special.

There are always those standouts who absolutely deserve special mention.


Megan (Is this the correct spelling of her name?) was our go to girl.  From the second we arrived until the moment we left the next morning – she was the real MVP.

Even in moments we were unsure, she was the calm in those situations, and took care of handling all the details.

She was always smiling, joking and making sure we were taken care of at every moment.  (I also really appreciated all the jolly ranchers too lol)


Taylor and Maddie were also standouts to Jess.  Always by her side running around for pictures, carrying her dress and veil, and touching her up when needed.


I know this isn’t the first time you would have hear the following.

Everything at the Ashford was spectacular from the venue, to the food, to the staff, to the care was taken to accommodate everyone there.

Jess, Dennis and I received so many wonderful comments about everything.

Comments like the food was off the charts and the selections were very unique.

To the venue was stunning and so picturesque.

I don’t think there a shortage of places where everyone took pictures at that evening.


Laura you truly make dreams come true, and we are forever grateful for everything you did for us.



Jess and Chewy A.

Hello All,

I attended a wedding at the Bonnet Island Estate on Saturday and I just wanted to take the time to make sure you all know that you made this event so special! The wedding was so fantastic and the views / outdoor areas for cocktail hour were amazing. The banquet hall was designed so beautifully and your staff was A+ and deserve all of the praise in the world.

I had Sean as my server for the table and he was so energetic and fun; cracking jokes and ensuring we were all having a great evening. He was always there when I needed him for water, coffee or anything else and I was even able to pull him (reluctantly) onto the dance floor for a minute haha

I just wanted to write and leave a positive review on Yelp and also to you directly, to say that this wedding was everything the newlyweds deserved and absolutely something we will be talking about for years to come! Major shoutout to your entire staff and everyone that loves what they are doing; Sean made our dinner and dessert serving even more enjoyable with his radiant energy. I hope to attend another wedding at your venue in the future!


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