Hello Laura,

After the exuberance of a carefully crafted celebration, when the last traces of euphoria clear, one can’t help but marvel at all the components that went into achieving flawless perfection, like pieces of a fine Swiss watch, and want to express gratitude to all that made that happen.

It is said that it takes a million trifles to achieve perfection but perfection is no trifle. This truism describes my experience with your staff and the impeccable and incomparable beauty that is the Ashford Estate.

Our guests, without exception, were unanimous in their praise of the exquisitely-crafted food and the top-notch professional service. Our friends and family that stayed overnight were even more impressed with the hospitality afforded them by your staff.

For me personally, what I loved best about your staff was that joyful disposition each person brought to their work. A sense of goodwill and genuine happiness was palpable beyond the professionalism and excellence of the services provided. Leaving the impressive gates of the Ashford Estate to return to day-to-day life, I could not help but think that all who attended will look back on this occasion as a mystical, blissful, memory.

In art, what makes a masterpiece a masterpiece is that no matter how much you critique it you can’t find a single element that could be added or taken away to improve the work. Under that definition, I want to thank you for giving my family, my guests and me an absolute masterpiece.

Truly, my deepest appreciation,
Ann Esther S.

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