Apple Season

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With Johnny Appleseed Day coming up on September 26th and the cool fall nights beginning to set in we are in the mood for all things apple! If you’re going to be saying ‘I do’ in the fall – a little apple spice would be the perfect addition to your day to give a nod to the season!




Here are just a few ways to incorporate this delicious and versatile fruit into your big day!

  • Hot or Chilled Apple Cider to welcome your guests prior to your ceremony!
  • A sweet and tart, locally sourced Gala escort card that can serve as both a healthy treat later on but also direct your guest to their seating assignments!
  • A wheel of French Brie de Meaux served hot in a cast-iron skillet accompanied by Candied Granny Smith Apples, Brown Sugar Butter and Pecan Dust- can you say YUM?!
  • Send your guests home with a jar of homemade apple butter or apple cider donuts- a sweet treat that they can savor even after the festivities have ended

Also, if you’re visiting or getting married at the Ashford Estate in the fall- Russo’s Apple Orchard is only a quick 5 minute drive down the road and a great autumn complement to your visit! What are some of your favorite apple recipes?!