Inspired Cocktail Hour Stations – Playing with Your Food

As a kid, we were told to not play with our food, well; here at Merri-Makers we encourage it! We are inspired by interactive stations- whether in cocktail hour or a sweet treat at the end of the night- your guests will have the opportunity to “play with their food” and once again, have that thrill of creating a dish of their own design!

IMG_7963 (3)


In cocktail hour we can travel down south and your guests can customize their own sweet Southern BBQ Pulled Pork Martini with toppings such as horseradish slaw, crumbled cornbread and Georgia Peach Chutney. Or a create-your-own South of the Border fajita station or a potato pancake station with some “not so ordinary” accompaniments like creole sour cream, curried applesauce & caramelized Vidalia onions?! Or the ultimate mac and cheese bar with all of the fixin’s: bacon, frizzled onions, lobster, truffle oil, roasted corn, crispy pancetta and more cheese, of course, is sure to be a hit!

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And why not top off the night with a hot, fresh-made donut bar?! Top your donut with your favorite sauce: chocolate, caramel or maple syrup and have fun mixing and matching toppings such as bacon, mini m&m’s, cookie crumbles, sprinkles and more.

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Or even an ice cream pop station with your choice of chocolate or vanilla dipped in a variety of delectable shells and toppings.

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We are excited to work with you in creating a menu that is interactive, memorable and delicious!