Why to Have a Winter Wedding

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Spring, summer and early fall are the most popular time for weddings. However, most brides forget how magical the winter can be. If you are hesitant about a winter wedding for next year, here are some reasons and inspiration of why a winter wedding may work for you.

  1. Lower costs



    Because winter is a less popular time to get married, many estates and venues have lower costs for weddings held in the winter months.

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  1. Availability
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    If you decided on a short engagement or had to change your date, the winter weekends provide more availability than in the other seasons. Winter break provides college students, teachers and young members of your bridal party to be more likely available and to put their focus on the day and not an upcoming test.

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  1. Winter Wonderlands 
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    As unpredictable as weather is any time of the yea, whether the weather cooperates does not have to make or break your wedding. The element of snow can add an extra layer of magic to your day. Check out these ideas to have a winter wonderland inside your venue.

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  1. Snow can be your friend

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    If it does snow near or on your wedding date, the natural white backdrop will look stunning in photos. It may be chilly, but your fiancé/new husband will keep you warm and so will your heart when you look back at such beautiful pictures. Also, who needs a car to drive off in style? Horse and carriage under the falling snow—yes please!


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  1. Honeymoons in Warmth 
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    After the wedding, couples usually escape to an exotic, touristy or a tropical place. In the other seasons, the tropics are not too much of a difference. However, winter tropic vacations feel even more special because—depending on your location—you aren’t experiencing anywhere near that warmth.

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  1. Holiday Celebrations 
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    The winter months are surrounded by the “most wonderful time of the year” and you can use this to your advantage. Christmas trees, jingle bells, and fireplaces can really tie in the comfy and warming spirit of the holidays.

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